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Bat Bag

4 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Bat-Wings and Flabby Arms For Good!

Arm toning is still the number one reason women in Toronto request my services. Everyday hundreds of women Google “toned arms” to search for articles and information on how to tone their arms and wind up disappointed. For once and all lets kill all the preconceived ideas you have about sculted arms and get to the meat of it.

Here are some of the most important tips you need to tone fire up your arms. I called it the nuts and bolts because they are basic and straight to the point.

1. To tone your arms, forget your arms!

One of the first tips I give to my female clients who are obsessed with toning their arms is that they need to forget about toning them for a while and focus on what really matters.This may seem a odd at first -if you know me personally it may not sound so suprising :) Let me clarify. In order to tone your arms you need to lose fat first. You need to burn the fat off of your arms so that the muscles shows through and looks tight.

To do this you need to have a solid diet and a strong fat burning exercise routine. So, if you are compromising these things with thoughts of just doing weights to tone your arms then you need to forget about that for a while and focus on cardio and diet.

2. To tone your arms workout like you are on fire!

When I am training for a fight or even training one of my clients I always tell them “alright, add some fire!” They know this is the cue to kick into over-drive. It is a great image to have in your mind if you want to run faster or work harder.

Of course, I don’t mean literally add fire. If you actually burst into flames I do not recommend you run around and do pushups and situps, etc. That would probably make things worse! I am talking about the metaphor that the sports world uses when someone is playing really well. They are on fire! If you learn to automatically switch on that “fire” then you will be able to train harder more often.

I’ve always advocated intense workouts, my whole training philosophy and our 3-in-1 Fast Fat Loss formulat are based on this type of training alone. It is by far the absolute best way to burn fat. You need to get your heart rate up and your muscles pumping if you want to have a lean body and to do that you need to continually push yourself to higher and higher boundaries. Forget the walk around the block, to really get your body on fire and burning stubborn fat start sprinting, skipping, boxing, etc.

3. Weight train heavy

Women seem to have such fears about picking up a heavy weight. It is so crazy to me to see women reaching for the 5 pounders. The thought that as soon as they start using heavy weights they are going to grow a massive set of pecs and huge biceps. Its so silly! I have even had women write me emails CALLING ME OUT for saying that heavy weights are good for women! I just laugh and chuckle and send a picture of one of my clients wicked “new” body. I don’t know what magazine or were they’ve gotten their advice but don’t be one of them ladies. Pick up the 15 or 20 pounder and kill it!

All those men who have big muscles worked damn hard for them. They ate copious amounts of protein and worked out 4-6 times per week for years to get that big. And some women think that they are going to get the same results by doing one or two workouts? Not so! First of all you simply do not have the genetics to get big and bulky. And, on the odd occasion that a woman does want to get big, she has to work a lot harder than the men do to get there.

If you want to tone your arms you need to workout with weights and they need to be heavy. You need to keep pushing your muscles to get them to grow. And, for women, the result of heavy weights seems to be increased definition and tone in their arms. Where men get big women get slim and toned.

I’m telling you right now, if you’ve been putting off training with weights because you think you are going to get big then you need to snap out of it right now and give it a go. It is good for your health and can prevent things like osteoporosis and heart disease (the biggest killer of women!).If you do not like the results then you can always stop. No drama.

4.Switch to arm intensive cardio

Sometimes when people get it into their mind that they need to lose weight they get a bit boring and uncreative. Treadmill – everyday – 40 minutes.

Cardio doesn’t have to be like that and some of the best cardio methods are those that use the arms. For example, if I look at my weekly cardio exercise sessions about half of them are “arm related”. For example, I do shadow boxing on the treadmill, hit the heavy bag and skipping make up the core of my fitness workout. All of them use the arms. I also do one minute sprints with five minute recovery, rowing and ride my bike, but I would have to say it is the other stuff that gets me really fit.

These cardio exercises burn fat and build muscles so they are perfect for toning the arms. If anything, at least they get you to do something a little bit different than what you’re use to. Keep cardio exciting otherwise you will get bored and give up before you can see the benefits of lean sexy arms.

There’s so much misinformation about toning the arms and how one should best go about it. It is a good idea to gather as much information as you can on the subject before getting into it and find out you’re doing the wrong thing.

About the Author

These Ezine-Tip were submitted By Karie Hamilton– Fitness Expert, and downtown Toronto’s Fat Assassin. Get your monthly fix of fat loss tips, tricks, secrets, myths, and rants by joining my free newsletter for women who want to get rid of fly away arms and muffin-tops forever here:

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