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Virus Morphed

Virus Morphed
Moral dilema of “helping” worldwide poverty…?


The virus known as the human race is growing expotentially, and we are already seeing mass starvation, disease on a scale like never before. We even have new strains of bacteria and viruses which have morphed from resistance to antibiotics(which create even meaner versions of the disease).

When we help the poor in Africa, and even home here in America and other places…are we really just compounding misery and suffering, just like a welfare mother who has 5 children from 5 fathers, only to grow up and create more of the same? We have campaigns to sterilize pets from creating more of the same, but what of us?

These may not be “comfortable” subjects to discuss, or PC, but reality is what it is, and we are in one hell of a mess, fouling the oceans, the air, our land. Even animals are smart enough to not procreate in times when resouces are scarce, or in times of stress.

How smart are we, really? What has changed in 2000 years…progress? A cell-phone, or an I-Pod is “progress”?

I’m not sure I understand what you are asking. Are you saying the human race should stop pro-creating, or just those who live in poverty and times of stress? Are you saying that we should stop trying to cure diseases for those in poor nations, even those who are poor in our own country? It is inevitable that we as human beings try to find better ways to survive and live longer. However, I do agree that there are times when people need to look at their lives and consider the possibility that their situation should prevent them from bringing more children into the world if they cannot support them on their own. But, you cannot dictact peoples lives like that. There have been many families who have had children in poor and diseased circumstances, only to have those children grow up to be great successes and to learn from past mistakes.

Virus Morphed

Satire: Loose cannon in South Africa


Julicious, JUJU, Antivirus software required

The loose cannon of South African politics

I have a computer called RSA (Roly’s Special Appliance) on my desk that I sit at every day. I do some work on it using only the programmes that I understand, leaving the others alone to lie in memory till someone more knowledgeable than me calls them to ROM (Random old age memory) or RAM (Random adolescent memory).

Now amongst these programmes and files that have been downloaded or uploaded, I’m not sure of the difference, lie deadly dangerous viruses that can destroy your memory, corrupt your files and poison your friends computers as well. You see we all require antivirus programmes to be lodged in the computers memory to cut out and destroy these viruses before they corrupt all of our good information.

Some of these viruses, like the Juju virus, have been known to corrupt the memories of newly upgraded computers that have not been equipped with antivirus software. They are corrupted in their home environments when family members download games or corrupt files and viruses or they remain corruption free until they enter higher learning institutions where the Julicious worm or the Juju and Robert Mugbee viruses are more prevalent. After entering the memories of these young computers these viruses continue to grow and morph while causing untold damage to the memory. The truth is distorted and twisted to the extent that when the file is read we fail to see that the information in the file has been prettied up to make for interesting reading even though it’s been poisoned by the virus.

In the past the Hitler, Stalin and Mao Tse-tung viruses caused millions of computers to crash and huge portions of memory were destroyed. Whole gigs of memory were gassed by the Hitler virus while the Stalin and Mao Tse-tung viruses led entire hard drives into the virus vault. Now in present times we have more deadly viruses like the Robert Mugbee, Julicious Mamparra and Blade worms and viruses, to name but a few, destroying our young computers, pre antivirus installation.

It astounds and concerns me to see how unprotected and easily corruptible some of the young computers of South Africa really are.

The hard drives, USB devices and external hard drives of these pre antivirus computers are being corrupted by the confused, contradictory and inflammatory rhetoric of one delusional young virus in particular and many more in general. One wonders if the Juju virus and others lie in wait dreaming up and conceiving new ways and means that will embarrass their viral elders and cause untold harm to the young computers they infest.

I for one, am worried that we have our own little Robert Mugbee wannabe virus developing right under our noses and we are all just sitting back watching this phenomenon grow, while we laugh, poke fun at and shake our heads at this abrasive young upstart. I really hope that our mirth does not come back to bite us all in the bum, by taking over the memories of our younger computers.

We must install antivirus software on these young computers so that their files and programmes can remain virus free until they gain sufficient clean information to recognise a virus or worm in sheep’s clothing.

The Julicious Mamparra worm and Robert Mugbee virus are dangerous and antiviral software should be used to dilute or remove the threat before it is too late. Remember that some computers will become so corrupt that even formatting and reloading will not solve the problem and many of these unfortunates will find themselves confined to the virus vault forever.

Wheelyboy 02-10-09

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Why don’t fundies consider evolution of viruses evolution?


Seriously, I am confused! For example the flu virus that I currently have…cough…cough… is not the same virus that was here 50 years ago. It has morphed into another species over a small period of time. The only reason we cannot see this in larger animals is because viruses go through generations at an exponentially higher rate.
a virus into a squirrel? Wow! Okay they are on wayyyy different branches of the evolutionary tree. A virus is a highly evolved animal much like the squirrel, they just have different needs, and so have evolved completely different. They were cousins from a couple of billion years back.

First of all, your argument fails because viruses are not considered living organisms. They reproduce solely by utilizing the genetic material of whatever cell’s nuclear material they’ve hijacked.

Secondly, evolution is NOT the same as adaptation.

If you want to believe in your heart that you’re descended from an ape, go right ahead, young man. I choose to believe I’m descended from two beings, created by God Himself, who made bad decisions.


Population Control & Eugenics pt.1/3

Lite Wood

Lite Wood
help choosing fun accent color or colors for modern rec room.?


med turquoise walls,darker gray trim,black coffee table,couch,poster frames,large round mirror silver beaded. silver computer table,floor very lite wood. the room needs more, what color accent carpet and pillows would make the room a wow!

Red. A hot tomato red, not a deep burgundy.

Lite WoodLite Wood
Lite Wood

A look at some fitting toys for boys

Toys for boys are the best gift for boys especially the ones who are in their young age. Here is a look at the best that is a must buy for the young boys.

• The Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet

The helmet is especially meant to be worn by the teenagers who are huge Star Wars fans. This is because once they wear this helmet they can easily change their voice to a storm trooper’s. By wearing this helmet they turn into the members of the Republic’s Grand Army. It is also equipped to speak signature phrases form the movie series.

• Swim To Me Puppy

The swim to me puppy is perfect for every little kid who wants to take a dip in the swimming pool in a protected manner. This beautiful puppy is designed to offer support to the kid in the swimming pool.

• Catch a Beast

Catch a Beast is a fun filled hand held video game from Japan. The player has to move in a 360° circle, so as to help the device detect some invisible beasts, which have to be caught and reeled in. Once a certain beast is captured it can be trained to find and catch more beasts.

• Classic Board Games

The classic board games, like Monopoly are suitable for young boys. It is a fun way for a kid to spend some quality time with the friends and family inside the house when the weather outside does not allow him to go out and play.

• The Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is a favorite of all boys, be it the young one, the teenagers or the grown ups. This is because it allows the players to play all sort of video games, like adventure games, sports based video games and many other interactive games. In fact it also allows the players to play guitar in a rock band and even work out.

• The Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite is a much more compact as well as lighter version of the Nintendo DS handheld gaming console. It is renowned for its 3-D graphics, amazing sounds and a touch screen technology place, which make it a cutting edge gaming console for video game fans.

The toys for boys are really wonderful in every sense and are easily available in the market; therefore they are very fitting to be given out as gifts to the boys on all special occasions.

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Dave Woods is a freelance writer and internet researcher. He likes to write on various things. For more information on and he recommends you to visit

restaining palliser entertainment center?


I want to restain my entertainment center. It is a lite wood with it worm holes and a low sheen. I am uncertain to the type of wood. What do I use to stain?

i would use minwax stain & sand it lightly before use


Worth Mayhem

Worth Mayhem
What do you think of the bands Mayhem and Venom?


I was just looking for some new music and i found them…Mayhem’s history seems kinda crazy and Venom seem to have been pretty big (before i knew what metal was)

so far i have only heard what little music i can over the Internet, do you think there worth looking in to? or just nothing spacial..?

(im young so be nice lol)
yes yes i know periwink202, i said be nice because theres a lot of smart asses on here. Im “new” to mostly black metal. but whatever. >_>

u are pretty new to these kind of music.why dont u start with some gothic metal like tristania or after forever.then,try on cradle of filth.more melodic compared to venom and mayhem.of koz venom is godfather in black metal.mayhem also have influence in this field.mayhem play some serious black metal.for me,it much like brutal black metal.if u like dis kind of music,check on emperor and burzum.u should know about burzum if u’ve read about mayhem’s member,euronymous.

Worth MayhemWorth Mayhem
Worth Mayhem

Lies And Insults From P & O Staff Re Pacific Dawn Cruise To Tasmania 30/1/2001

Points for your consideration prior to dismissing this article as sour grapes.

*The Hobart “service” was not a routine 31 hour maintenance as per the story the Captain had told the passengers. Lie.

*The ship leaked oil into our beautiful ocean all the way to Hobart. Key staff members knew about the propellor problem before leaving Brisbane but still chose to pollute and sail on.Was that so that their revenue base would not be affected. Ignorance.

*One day when we were meant to have sailed from port at 5:30 a.m., I rang the pursers desk at 8 a.m.wanting to know what was happening in regard to the delay. I was told and I quote “We are just waiting on clearance from immigration before we can sail.” Lie. Not ten minutes later the captain announced a noon update in regard to sailing time because our repairs were taking longer than scheduled. I rang back the Pursers Desk to complain about being misled and the staff member told me he had only just started his shift and had been told to give the usual response. Not even relevant as we had never left Australian waters. I suggested they may need to have a better communication system with their heads of staff e.g. start of shift meeting and with their so called captain. Insult.

*The $25 credit given to all adult passengers because of inconveniences caused for the delays was an insult. I demanded my credit be reversed by the company that same day. After that discussion with the Acting Duty Purser and purser desk staff, I was not as favourably smiled at or asked if I needed assistance as politely any more. Lack.

*I was also informed by staff of the Pursers Desk that any comments or concerns I may or did have with regard to the cruise could be written in letter form and placed in the Passengers Question Box. I was assured that all these letters/notes/comments would be read daily. On several of those complaint sheets I asked for a reply. Not at any time did anyone on board address my complaints or concerns even though I had clearly asked for a response. Insult. Lack.

*The tender operation at Port Arthur was a disgrace. Mayhem. What a joke this whole act turned out to be. Hours to be taken off, hours of lining up like a cattle herd to get disembarkation tickets, lack of direction from staff (some who had friends visiting them on the dock while they were supposedly working), some staff pushing us up the dock landing to clear the area and other staff wanting us to stop so photos could be taken.Mayhem. Lack.

*Disembarkation ticketing arrangements. Mayhem. After the Port Arthur fiasco with disembarkation delays, passengers lined up much earlier in the alleyways of the Promenade Deck for tickets, to ensure they would not have to wait the hours they had before. Total disorganization by staff to address this congestion. Elderly and infirmed standing in lines for over an hour. Lack.

*Final disembarkation talk by Zoltina J. Ignorance. We were asked for one person from each cabin to attend this event. They then televised it later. Why not make the talk over the public announcement address system and let peole stay in their cabins, at the food outlets or wherever they are for the 10 minute talk. Televise it while it is happening if you need to be sure passengers are paying attention. Give us some credit please. We do not need to keep being herded together.

*Port Arthur Shore Tour ‘Eco Wilderness’ cost $209 per person. The company this tour originates from, which is in Port Arthur just one street away from the dock, charges $100. So why do P & O charge $210 when all they provided was a small bus ride not 5 minutes away. That would be a pure profit amount of $80 at least per person. Rip off. Lack. After demanding for the third time for a response from Glenn in the Shore Tours office I received a letter explaining P & O prices were comparitable with other cruise lines for that area. How ingenous a reply. That was not the question I asked. I had asked why does the company feel it is okay to double the cost of a tour? By the way the shore tour service and experience from Eco Wilderness were superb. Not worth P & O charges of $209 per person though.

*The food on board was great but definately not sublime. But why for the whole 11 days were passengers offered the same identical menu for lunch in the dining room? Not one variation for 11 days. I personnally prefer to dine in the dining room and not line up in the cattle rung.The menu was so boring even that word can’t describe it. For breakfast and dinner you were offered 2 or 3 extra choices. Lack. Ignorance. Please be more creative, even if it is only to have a chef prepare one different lunchtime main meal as an alternative.



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Which is the best overall slow-Pitch Softball bat? The Worth Jeff Hall 120 Mayhem, or the Miken Freak Plus.?



most definitely, the 120 Mayhem.

Worth Mayhem Comes Apart

Bat Bag

Bat Bag
Where can I find cheap baseball/Softball Bat bags with wheels?



ebay or sports authority

Bat BagBat Bag
Bat Bag

4 Easy Ways to Get Rid of Bat-Wings and Flabby Arms For Good!

Arm toning is still the number one reason women in Toronto request my services. Everyday hundreds of women Google “toned arms” to search for articles and information on how to tone their arms and wind up disappointed. For once and all lets kill all the preconceived ideas you have about sculted arms and get to the meat of it.

Here are some of the most important tips you need to tone fire up your arms. I called it the nuts and bolts because they are basic and straight to the point.

1. To tone your arms, forget your arms!

One of the first tips I give to my female clients who are obsessed with toning their arms is that they need to forget about toning them for a while and focus on what really matters.This may seem a odd at first -if you know me personally it may not sound so suprising :) Let me clarify. In order to tone your arms you need to lose fat first. You need to burn the fat off of your arms so that the muscles shows through and looks tight.

To do this you need to have a solid diet and a strong fat burning exercise routine. So, if you are compromising these things with thoughts of just doing weights to tone your arms then you need to forget about that for a while and focus on cardio and diet.

2. To tone your arms workout like you are on fire!

When I am training for a fight or even training one of my clients I always tell them “alright, add some fire!” They know this is the cue to kick into over-drive. It is a great image to have in your mind if you want to run faster or work harder.

Of course, I don’t mean literally add fire. If you actually burst into flames I do not recommend you run around and do pushups and situps, etc. That would probably make things worse! I am talking about the metaphor that the sports world uses when someone is playing really well. They are on fire! If you learn to automatically switch on that “fire” then you will be able to train harder more often.

I’ve always advocated intense workouts, my whole training philosophy and our 3-in-1 Fast Fat Loss formulat are based on this type of training alone. It is by far the absolute best way to burn fat. You need to get your heart rate up and your muscles pumping if you want to have a lean body and to do that you need to continually push yourself to higher and higher boundaries. Forget the walk around the block, to really get your body on fire and burning stubborn fat start sprinting, skipping, boxing, etc.

3. Weight train heavy

Women seem to have such fears about picking up a heavy weight. It is so crazy to me to see women reaching for the 5 pounders. The thought that as soon as they start using heavy weights they are going to grow a massive set of pecs and huge biceps. Its so silly! I have even had women write me emails CALLING ME OUT for saying that heavy weights are good for women! I just laugh and chuckle and send a picture of one of my clients wicked “new” body. I don’t know what magazine or were they’ve gotten their advice but don’t be one of them ladies. Pick up the 15 or 20 pounder and kill it!

All those men who have big muscles worked damn hard for them. They ate copious amounts of protein and worked out 4-6 times per week for years to get that big. And some women think that they are going to get the same results by doing one or two workouts? Not so! First of all you simply do not have the genetics to get big and bulky. And, on the odd occasion that a woman does want to get big, she has to work a lot harder than the men do to get there.

If you want to tone your arms you need to workout with weights and they need to be heavy. You need to keep pushing your muscles to get them to grow. And, for women, the result of heavy weights seems to be increased definition and tone in their arms. Where men get big women get slim and toned.

I’m telling you right now, if you’ve been putting off training with weights because you think you are going to get big then you need to snap out of it right now and give it a go. It is good for your health and can prevent things like osteoporosis and heart disease (the biggest killer of women!).If you do not like the results then you can always stop. No drama.

4.Switch to arm intensive cardio

Sometimes when people get it into their mind that they need to lose weight they get a bit boring and uncreative. Treadmill – everyday – 40 minutes.

Cardio doesn’t have to be like that and some of the best cardio methods are those that use the arms. For example, if I look at my weekly cardio exercise sessions about half of them are “arm related”. For example, I do shadow boxing on the treadmill, hit the heavy bag and skipping make up the core of my fitness workout. All of them use the arms. I also do one minute sprints with five minute recovery, rowing and ride my bike, but I would have to say it is the other stuff that gets me really fit.

These cardio exercises burn fat and build muscles so they are perfect for toning the arms. If anything, at least they get you to do something a little bit different than what you’re use to. Keep cardio exciting otherwise you will get bored and give up before you can see the benefits of lean sexy arms.

There’s so much misinformation about toning the arms and how one should best go about it. It is a good idea to gather as much information as you can on the subject before getting into it and find out you’re doing the wrong thing.

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These Ezine-Tip were submitted By Karie Hamilton– Fitness Expert, and downtown Toronto’s Fat Assassin. Get your monthly fix of fat loss tips, tricks, secrets, myths, and rants by joining my free newsletter for women who want to get rid of fly away arms and muffin-tops forever here:

If a bad guy was chasing you with a knife or bat and you had a bag of marbles,?


could you rip open the bag and spill the marbles behind you as you run and this would trip the bad guy?

Why didn’t I think of that?
If I am ever chased in that way I would have some thing to defend my self
I am going and buying many bags of marbles to protect my self for the next time I go out
Thanks for the idea.I can now put my gun away….That won’t ever happen I will have a gun but to protect me at home
Some sucker thinks of coming through my door and BANG GOOD BYE!!!!!
But when I am out I don’t carry it.So marbles is the next best thing!!!!!!!

Luana x bat bag

Purple White

Purple White
What can i do for a purple and white theme for my room?


I need help. I don’t know what to do for my theme w/ white and purple. My bedding will be light purple with white pillows and sheets, and maybe a white throw blanket, then some all different purples accent pillows.

What else can i add to my room that is purple or white? like some candles or something, maybe? I want a lot more of light purple that dark because i want it to look fresh, clean and bright. But a hint of dark purple would be nice.

If you have any ideas, even crafty ideas would be so great!!! Thanks!

Wow, this should be fun!
1] does the bedding match the curtains?
2] Consider: [ just pick a few ]
armchair [ light or dark purple, or neutral with purple throw pillows ]
lamps in lilac, white, or chrome, or the shades [ can add purple trim to white shades ]
vase [ with silk lilacs ]
flowerpot [ with African violets! in white, lilac, or violet ]
*lilac or violet candles in chrome sticks
*chrome mirror across from windows, with tiny violets painted in corners
*a lilac, violet, and white quilt for foot of bed or chair
a beaded wall hanging in all the room colors
*a floral swag or wreath of eucalyptus and purple flowers
paintings, posters, photos with lilac/purple in them
Use VIOLET for SMALL objects, and LILAC for LARGER ones. [ I starred my favorites ].

Purple WhitePurple White
Purple White

Purple Colour Palettes are Much More Lively Than Blue

Colour has a key task in designing for the internet. apart from ruling how striking a design presents itself, but it can similarly dictate how the user responds. Getting hues choices precise can influence to most money and acclaim whereas using the incorrect put could have the inverse show.

Nice selection of colour can be attributed to knowledge of colours psychological properties. certain colours conjures up feelings of happiness & joy, whereas others can promote depression and anger.

Colour could be used to attract users and grab attention. this could be utilised to highlight a message or to lead a user to another part of the website.

This summarises what emotional effect that colours can have on people.

Black is associated with power, sophistication, wealth and mystery. in design, it can be very effective with bolder colours to create stark contrast.

White is linked with cleanliness, simplicity, calm and purity. used a lot on websites, it can convey style and demonstrates that the site’s content is strong enough to stand-alone without a strong visual aid.

With connotations to lust, anger, fire and power, red, used delicately, can be a great way to attract the users attention to a certain area.

The colour black can be associated with death, mourning, power and style. many heavy rock bands use black as their main colour due to its links with death and evil.

Yellow summons images of summer, joy and optimism. it is a colour that could be overwhelming and if used in conjunction with black, it creates a warning feel.

Just like yellow, red is associated with love, sex and energy. it too can be over powering if over used, although its fantastic to attract attention.

Stirring up images of style, modernism, fashion & refinement, grey is routinely used on scenes that cover fashion, design & technology.

Purple is a cross between blue and red. it does have the highlights of red, but holds more lively properties than blue. It stirs up images of royalty, religion & luxury. However, it isn’t a frequently used colour in website design.

Darker shades of purple can be extremely deep and luscious. it can be associated with royalty, spirituality, arrogance and luxury. lighter shades can represent romance and delicacy. its a colour that is not used very often on websites.

Full of life, vibrancy and stimulation, orange is a exciting colour to use in designing websites. it can be used to bring a sense of youthfulness to a design.

Its clear that colours don’t make a website look beautiful, but they also have an effect on user experience & can dictate how successful a site can be. getting the colours right can evoke a website that users can identify & will make them more willing to use, explore & promote the website to mates. getting the colour choices wrong can accidentally put users off & have them leave your site for somebody elses.
About the Author

Sherryll Juarres is a offering to local clients.

What does a Purple, White, and Yellow boquet signify if a male gives them to a female?


Overall symbolism? Or is it broken down by each color seperately? You tell me. Thanks in advance all.

Try this:

Hope it helps :)