Lite Wood

Lite Wood
help choosing fun accent color or colors for modern rec room.?


med turquoise walls,darker gray trim,black coffee table,couch,poster frames,large round mirror silver beaded. silver computer table,floor very lite wood. the room needs more, what color accent carpet and pillows would make the room a wow!


Red. A hot tomato red, not a deep burgundy.

Lite WoodLite Wood
Lite Wood

A look at some fitting toys for boys

Toys for boys are the best gift for boys especially the ones who are in their young age. Here is a look at the best that is a must buy for the young boys.

• The Clone Trooper Voice Changer Helmet

The helmet is especially meant to be worn by the teenagers who are huge Star Wars fans. This is because once they wear this helmet they can easily change their voice to a storm trooper’s. By wearing this helmet they turn into the members of the Republic’s Grand Army. It is also equipped to speak signature phrases form the movie series.

• Swim To Me Puppy

The swim to me puppy is perfect for every little kid who wants to take a dip in the swimming pool in a protected manner. This beautiful puppy is designed to offer support to the kid in the swimming pool.

• Catch a Beast

Catch a Beast is a fun filled hand held video game from Japan. The player has to move in a 360° circle, so as to help the device detect some invisible beasts, which have to be caught and reeled in. Once a certain beast is captured it can be trained to find and catch more beasts.

• Classic Board Games

The classic board games, like Monopoly are suitable for young boys. It is a fun way for a kid to spend some quality time with the friends and family inside the house when the weather outside does not allow him to go out and play.

• The Nintendo Wii

The Nintendo Wii is a favorite of all boys, be it the young one, the teenagers or the grown ups. This is because it allows the players to play all sort of video games, like adventure games, sports based video games and many other interactive games. In fact it also allows the players to play guitar in a rock band and even work out.

• The Nintendo DS Lite

The Nintendo DS Lite is a much more compact as well as lighter version of the Nintendo DS handheld gaming console. It is renowned for its 3-D graphics, amazing sounds and a touch screen technology place, which make it a cutting edge gaming console for video game fans.

The toys for boys are really wonderful in every sense and are easily available in the market; therefore they are very fitting to be given out as gifts to the boys on all special occasions.

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restaining palliser entertainment center?


I want to restain my entertainment center. It is a lite wood with it worm holes and a low sheen. I am uncertain to the type of wood. What do I use to stain?


i would use minwax stain & sand it lightly before use