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How to hit the ball in baseball/softball?


So in P.E. I can’t ever hit the baseball/soft during softball with the bat…..It’s really embarrasing because everyone can hit it. I think were gonna be playing again soon. Can any actual players or just anyone give me tips on how to get a hit? Like a step 1, 2, 3, etc? an easy guide?

please & thank you ;/


1. Wait for the ball to be about 6 inches IN FRONT of your body before you hit it, otherwise you’ll be too late

2. You’re swing should be straight down to the ball, don’t drop them or loop them (by straight down I mean from your ear to your hip in a perfect line) this will prevent you from hitting a pop up

3. Have a long follow through cuz if you don’t you’re likely to roll your hands over hitting a small gounder. Really extend through the ball and you’ll be hitting great!

Softball BaseballSoftball Baseball
Softball Baseball

Baseball Gloves For Men And Women

Gloves, like the hands they fit, come in a variety of sizes. Baseball and Softball Gloves also are geared to fit both the position you play and the level of your pastime. Keep these factors in mind when you decide which kind, size, features and materials best suit your sport.

Baseball gloves have traditionally been a man’s field of product-ware in the arena of baseball gear. No longer the condition in this day and age. With more women’s leagues taking upon the ball diamonds nationwide, and on major playing circuits, the manufacturers now provide specially to the female athlete and the needs to adjust the products available to suit the differences in the frame of all athletes.

Customary baseball gloves can blaze your palm off if you happen to be aiming your catch for a fast ball moving at elevated swiftness. The familiarity for a female athlete can be a searing nerve crunch that sends your reflexes into crisis mode where you instinctively throw your glove off of your hand and are left with a red-as-an-apple circular, fleeting tattoo of pain.

How do you find the proper mitt that can be qualified to execute to your capacity to exercise dual hand and eye coordination, without having too much padding to cause the ball to hop right out of your mitt? As with all products that are becoming available tailored to women that were not formerly made with women in mind, it has been some trial and error in achieving the finished mitt for the female player.

Women players seeking a acceptable Baseball Glove to improve their play should look for ones that are designed to fit a female hand. You will find the quality and performance to be identical to that of the customary baseball gloves, and your own exactness and margin for error will diminish as you are fitted into a glove made to work with your one of a kind bone make-up .

Smaller finger stalls yield greater control overall, as well as adjustable wrist straps, which allow for your own fluctuations in fluids in your body, factors in your physical health as a woman athlete that matter when you want your execution to be top notch!

Your baseball or Softball Glove should fit your game, the position you play and your playing time and proficiency. Although age is also a factor, the position you play is the most consequential consideration in choosing a baseball or softball glove.

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What are the differences between baseball and softball?


I play baseball and I want to play softball for my school so I need to know the differences in rules. I know that they use a bigger ball and pitch differently and you can’t steal bases but what else?


The bases are closer to each other.

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