Softball Pant

Softball Pant
got really sick at softball maybe i was too cold?


i got really sick or something at softball last night. im not sure what happened. it was 50 degrees out but i had on long pants, long socks, an underarmour shirt, a normal long sleeved shirt, a sweatshirt, and a hat and i was still freezing. i lost some weight. but twards the end of practice i was like crying but with no tears and could hardley breathe even tho i wasnt moving much. what could have been wrong?


overheated, even though u couldnt feel it. under-heated. exhausted or just lack of breath from exercising. dust or dirt particles could have been in ur lungs. or you could have been low on sugar from not eating. its hard to tell really. maybe the cold was irritating ur lungs, that can happen, u cant get enough air in, and the cold air doesnt warm ur lungs up enough to fill them up enough and u get the breathless feeling

Softball PantSoftball Pant
Softball Pant

Benefits of Victory Softball and Baseball Uniform

Victory Custom Athletic, Inc. has since 1988, specialized in manufacturing custom baseball uniforms and softball uniforms through their Los Angeles based manufacturing operation. The company provides a lifetime construction warranty to support their claim to have the highest quality baseball jerseys and baseball pants, softball jerseys and softball pants, and basketball uniforms within the entire athletic uniform industry.

The increasing number of professionals and people who swear by the Victory and softball uniforms stands testimony to their quality and the comfort they provide. The Victory trademark has grown in stature significantly since 1988 and this is not just due to advertising and marketing initiatives. On the contrary, the ever-rising popularity can be attributed to due to the word-of-mouth praise of numerous satisfied customers; the friendships and relationships the company has established with coaches and players; referrals from these same individuals; and most importantly from the incredible loyalties of their customer base.

Victory has been the custom uniform supplier to some of the finest and most successful baseball and softball teams, including independent professional organizations, college, High School and travel teams. From these relationships, we have formed advisory boards comprised of a virtual “Who’s Who” within baseball, softball and basketball at all levels.

The company’s ability to get to the grassroots programs for baseball, softball and basketball has created name recognition for its product line early on for the young athletes adorned in Victory apparel. This continues to feed to the growth as well, as both coaches and players alike advance in their athletic careers. The company’s first impression has almost always been a lasting one.

In addition, the label has been associated with successful athletic programs from coast-to-coast, and include College World Series Champions (USC, Rice), to NCAA Softball World Series top finishers (Stanford, Hawaii), to ASA Travel Team National Champions and Top Ten finishers every year since Victory softball started in 1999, to National High School Baseball Champions (Chatsworth CA, The Woodlands, TX) and numerous League, State and Regional Champions in numbers too large to mention. All of these programs having recognized that playing well and looking good go hand-in-hand.

The company’s product line has been endorsed by current and former Major Leaguers, as well as some of the finest college baseball and softball coaches to ever hit the diamond. Not to mention, being the exclusive supplier to several independent Minor Leagues and the U.S. Military Baseball All-Stars, by far America’s real team. The Victory Advisory Boards and Press Releases speak for themselves.

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Do softball pants come up to your belly button?



usually no.

Devin losing her pants before softball….