Special Order

Special Order
Long 61 inch poster frames? It only seems to come in special order?


I want to buy a poster for my son’s room, it is 23w x 61L I can’t find on web,only special orders from expensive framing companies.Why do they make posters this big and not sell a regular poster frame for it? if you know of any please let me know,thanks.I’m thinking of just having it laminated since my baby will rip it off the wall the first chance he gets.


Go to one of the big box stores that have molding/lumber. Make sure your measurements are correct or bring the poster with you. You can pick out the molding you want, they will make the first cuts free any over that are $.50 each. You will be asked how you plan to secure the poster inside your new frame and they can advise you how to cover the poster and keep it safe and clean.

You also may want it to be stained or painted. This you can do yourself. The salesman will direct you.

Good luck.

Special OrderSpecial Order
Special Order

Louis Vuitton’s VIP Club: Special Orders for Elite Customers

Since launching its prestigious fashion house in the mid-1800s, Louis Vuitton has been designing premium Louis Vuitton purses, luggage, wallets, and sunglasses that are sold at its lavish stores throughout the world. If you’re among one of LV’s more elite customers, the only limit to your Louis Vuitton collection is your imagination. The designer commissions a limited amount of special orders for its most well-heeled patrons. Louis Vuitton takes its custom orders very seriously, which is why they have a dedicated department for them at their headquarters in Paris, France.

On any given year, approximately 600 custom orders are completed at the Louis Vuitton workshop. Here are just some of the notable special-request items that have been created since the company’s inception:

• A large standing makeup trunk, crafted for a Japanese Kabuki artist

• A custom travel trunk, built for a Saudi prince

• Two custom iPod cases, crafted for legendary designer Karl Lagerfeld

• Novelty Louis Vuitton cases, designed to house minibars and backgammon sets

• A cushioned Louis Vuitton bag designed to carry a birthday cake

• An extra-long Louis Vuitton trunk, for the travels of a 19th-century Italian explorer heading out on an African expedition

• A custom tea case, for the maharaja of Baronda

• A custom driver’s bag from the 1920s, designed to fit inside the center of a spare wheel

What benefit does the company receive from completing these special orders? The manager of the special orders department notes that custom orders help to reinforce the prestige and exclusivity of the brand, while keeping its preferred customers happy. The commission of these extravagant items also generates good publicity for the company.

For well-heeled patrons that have the necessary funds, Louis Vuitton will create an array of special-order items — although they do have certain requirements. The company will only commission items that exemplify the spirit in which the fashion house was founded — to create the finest travel items available. If you order something other than a handbag, travel case, wallet, jewelry case, or sunglasses, it may not be approved for construction. In one scenario, a client attempted to order a custom Louis Vuitton casket, a request that was ultimately denied.

When placing a special order for a Louis Vuitton travel item, anything goes. Any Louis Vuitton store accepts special orders, although they must be approved by the special orders department before they can be processed. Custom items can take up to six months to be completed. While you’re waiting on your item, the company will keep you apprised of its status by sending pictures at each stage. All items in your custom collection will have a unique lock number. You’ll even have the opportunity to go into the Louis Vuitton workshop to hammer in the last nail.

Custom items generally start at around $2,900, and can easily run into the tens of thousands of dollars. Prices vary based on the time and materials required. For around $21,000, you can commission a deluxe chest made from inlaid ebony and maple woods with a supple leather case.

The main advantage of ordering a unique Louis Vuitton handbag or travel bag is that you’ll know for a fact that your item is one-of-a-kind. You can rest assured you’ll never see the same bag elsewhere.

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how do i get a 1-800# to shaw carpet .want to special order?


i have some carpet i want but would like to order from company..is it possible


Shaw will only sell to retailers, or distributors who have an account set up with them. They are a manufacturer and do not deal directly with the public.

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