Synergy Plus

Synergy Plus
Palm Synergy vs Moto Blur?


So I am looking at two phones. The Palm Pre Plus and the Motorola Devour, both from Verizon Wireless. And there are two features that are making me want the phones.
-Palm Synergy
-Moto Blur.

Please tell me the similarities and differences.



The Palm Pre is a multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by Palm with a multi-touch screen and a sliding keyboard. The smartphone was the first to use Palm’s new operating system, webOS (currently version 1.4.0), which is based on Linux. A new version of the smartphone was announced at CES 2010. Differences include the removal of the center button, 16 GB storage memory (8 GB on the original Pre), doubles the RAM from 256 MB to 512MB, and the back cover is now already Touchstone compatible. The keyboard and slider mechanism have also been improved. A problem seen with the introduction of the Palm Pre Plus is characters appearing twice when typing, although the user has only hit the key once. Many reviews have noted the poor build quality of the phones, deeming the build quality “only so-so.” The Pre is the first Palm device to use webOS, the Linux-based platform that replaces Palm’s previous Palm OS. Developed from scratch for use in mobile phones—whereas Palm OS was originally designed for PDAs—webOS is capable of supporting built-in first party applications, as well as third party applications.The webOS interface is based on a system of “cards” used to manage multitasking. webOS also supports multi-touch gestures, enabling most navigational input to be made using the touchscreen. The Pre does not include a virtual keyboard, only a portrait-oriented slide-out keyboard. An onscreen, virtual keyboard is embedded in the code and can be made available through a third party patch. There are hundreds of third party “patches” that allow users to customize the usability and interface of the Pre.

webOS includes a feature called Synergy that integrates information from many sources. webOS allows a user to sign in to accounts on Gmail, Yahoo!, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Microsoft Outlook (via Exchange ActiveSync). Contacts from all sources are then integrated into a single list.

The Devour , on the other hand, is the second smartphone from Motorola to feature MOTOBLUR. MOTOBLUR provides contact sync from email services like gmail and social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook etc.MOTOBLUR is a re-branded interface developed by Motorola for the Android OS. It replaces both the Google Experience skin and application stack.

MOTOBLUR’s primary function is to enable the user to receive various updates from a variety of sources such as Twitter, Facebook, and Email clients directly on their phone’s main screen.

As you might have discovered already, they are pretty much the same things, although the underlying OS in both the cases are different.
The question now is which OS to go for?
This is subjective. Both the Palm Pre Plus and Android are Linux based, and Linux performs great on non-desktop devices (although some might claim Linux outperforms Windows 7 pro on the PC, but the statement is far from truth). Android, on the other hand, is the second most “talked about” thing on the tech forums and blogs (first place being shared by the iPhone & the iPad), and is definitely “cooler” than using the WebOS. If I were you, I’d go for the Android device.

Synergy PlusSynergy Plus
Synergy Plus

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