Synergy Plus

Synergy Plus
Palm Synergy vs Moto Blur?

So I am looking at two phones. The Palm Pre Plus and the Motorola Devour, both from Verizon Wireless. And there are two features that are making me want the phones.
-Palm Synergy
-Moto Blur.
Please tell me the similarities and differences.

The Palm Pre is a multimedia smartphone designed and marketed by […]

Easton Synergy

Easton Synergy
What is the difference between an Easton Synergy and an Easton Stealth slow Pitch Softball bat?

I would like to get one and I want to learn more about the bats before I get them. Which one has:
Longer Durability?
Shorter Break in time?
More pop?

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Synergy Clarity

Synergy Clarity
Composite Softball bat 10 points!!!!!!!!!?

Ok i just bought the Easton Synergy clarity and i don’t want to break it so how cold is to cold to use a Composite Bat? I really need to know this so please HURRY AND 10 POINTS!!!! I NEED THE TEMP IN DEGREES THANK YOU O and do you […]

Synergy Crystal

Synergy Crystal
COMPOSITE Fastpitch Softball BATS?

i’m looking into getting another new Composite Bat and was wondering what kinds i should look into.
i just bought an Easton 2009 Synergy Crystal (the pink/red one).
what do you think of this bat? how has it worked out for you and how would you compare it to other bats?

I’ve always loved […]